as a teacher:

“Anna isn’t just a teacher. She’s a mentor. She has taught me piano theory, extensive songwriting and vocal coaching and it has helped me develop and blossom into the musician I strive to be.”
Julianne DeMario, Berkelee Scholl of Music

 “I hate all lessons and am a particularly bad student - except with Anna Montgomery. I understand what she’s talking about and she knows what I need. My voice is improving very quickly with her help. I actually look forward to our lessons. Now she’s working with my whole band as well, and not only does she know her study musically, but she understands how to deal with my players...something I have yet to figure out. I’m an Anna Montgomery fan"
Tracy Newman (Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements)
TV writer/producer, co-creator of “According to Jim”
Emmy Award Winner

“Anna Montgomery has been a constant source of guidance and inspiration for me as a songwriting teacher. Besides being simply just such a cool woman who is a joy to talk to, her teaching methods have helped me develop as a songwriter by exponential degrees”
Niki Black, Chapman College


as a singer:

“Anna is one of the finest musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s so intuitive that it’s almost as if I don’t have to speak. Anna’s voice legitimizes everything she touches. I haven’t found a mic that doesn’t love her.”
Evan Frankfort, Would Work Sounds
Wallflowers, TV/Film composer/producer
Emmy Award Winner

“My favorite three female vocalists are: Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt and Anna Montgomery, because they sound better to me than anybody else.”
Daniel Moore, Platinum Songwriter, “Shambala” by Three Dog Night, Producer

“Anna Montgomery is a consummate professional and all around, one of my favorite vocalists. Aside from our work together in several original projects, I’ve hired Anna to sing on a lot of the production work that I do; adding vocal textures, inspired melodies and a soulful delivery that I just can’t get enough of!”
Aaron Kaplan, Producer, TV/Film composer

“Anna Montgomery has worked in our studios as a demo singer, artist and client. Anna brings it all top notch. Whether sh’e singing on a demo for a client, working on her own stuff or educating an up and coming student, Anna shares her gift for artistry, vocals and style”
Travis Allen Childress
Founder & CEO Nashville Tracks

“Anna Montgomery has the kind of singing voice that silences a room, drops jaws and stops traffic, gives you chills and goosebumps, and transports you into another stratosphere. Her original songs are refreshing, exquisite, poetic and unpredictable, yet accessible enough to have mass appeal. Her existence heals any cynicism you may have about today’s music industry”
Suzanne Whang,
HGTV’s “House Hunters, NBC’s “Las Vegas,” comedian/author/minister/activist

“Hearing Anna Montgomery for the first time reminded me of when I first heard Bonnie Raitt. I thought to myself, “How can anyone sound that soulful and stick to the melody?” And in her case, she writes the melodies and they are worth sticking to. Her lyrics are truly exceptional as well, a rare combination these days. She’s an artist I go see perform over and over for my sheer enjoyment.”
Harriet Schock, Platinum Songwriter/Recording Artist/Author/Educator